Zoe Hanna (née Walker; born 23 August 1974)[2] is a senior consultant in emergency medicine who worked in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital from 2007 to 2016. She arrived in the department at the end of 2007, and became Clinical Lead in 2013, before stepping down and becoming the Deputy Clinical Lead under new Clinical Lead, Connie Beauchamp. Zoe was married to Hospital Porter, Max Walker[3], during which the wedding venue is set ablaze after Max Walker and Louis Fairhead are involved in an altercation, knocking over a lamp. During this, Zoe has gone with Dylan on one of the wedding boats, not knowing that onboard, is a container of gas which explodes and sends Zoe flying into the waters. Zoe is saved by Charlie Fairhead, which prompts her to evaluate her life and leaves Holby to go to America.

Zoe is an intelligent, highly-talented and ambitious doctor. There's a chaotic and flamboyant energy about her that affects everyone she meets. Zoe may put on a professional front, but there’s an immaturity and recklessness to her underneath which we catch a glimpse of every now and then. She has her flaws, and you might catch her stumbling into work hungover on more than one occasion, but she is the perfect mix of a fun-loving woman and a dedicated, skilled, doctor.

Zoe loves her work, but her social life is just as important. She was given the chance to become Clinical Lead, but decided that paperwork really isn’t her priority; she likes to be on the frontline, amidst the action and chaos, and still leave work with time for a large glass of wine in the pub.

Zoe Facts:

  • Zoe is unable to have children
  • She is married to Max, but they have separated.
  • Zoe relies on her coffee and cigarettes to get her through the day.