"Wild Card" is the 116th episode of Casualty and the 12th episode of the 8th series.


A boy is brought in after falling off a swing and his mother is eager to get him away. Tom and Ash learn they went for HIV tests after the boy's father died of AIDS but never collected the results. Tom tells the mother she is infected but her son is negative. A teacher suffers a nervous breakdown at work and the headmistress advises him to go to hospital. Karen and Adele discover old wounds and learn his wife is beating him. A mother brings in her large group of children who have diarrhoea. A businessman who collapsed in the street half-naked from a heart attack gropes new nurse Mary in a semi-conscious state; it turns out he was visiting a massage parlour and the masseuse brings his clothes in before his wife can see him. Jane regains some good will with the staff by helping out on reception. Duffy is still unable to tell Charlie she is leaving and resorts to leaving him a letter.

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