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Victim Of Circumstances was the seventh episode of Series 4 and the 47th episode of Casualty overall.

Plot Edit

An Asian school boy, Vijesh, is beaten up while delivering newspapers from his Dad, Bharat's shop. The staff try to persuade his family to call the police but they think the police won't do anything. Later Bharat is brought in with multiple injuries after being attacked by four youths in his shop. A 7 year old boy, Sam, is brought in by his teacher. Lucy diagnoses appendicitis. He needs an operation, but they can't get hold of his single actress Mum, Carrie, to sign a consent form, to save his life. Duffy has been considering an abortion, in the fear she can't cope with being a single Mum, but Carrie says however hard it is, Sam means everything to her. Charlie learns that Queens not Holby is to have a new trauma centre.

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