Geetings everyone! Sooner than expected, here are the latest updates to Casualty Wiki. Remember to keep an eye on Wikia's own Technical Update Blog, which lists Wikia wide changes that may or may not affect this wiki.

Major Changes

  • Casualty Wiki is to beta test Wikia Mobile V3 from today!
    One week before it's official release, the new skin features navigation, fullscreen images, better handling for infoboxes, and is themed from the default wiki colours. The skin should activate sometime today, and it will take a hour or two for it to be customised for Casualty Wiki. The skin is officially released to all wikis on 7 December.

Minor Changes

  • The editor and Admin Dashboard are now also themed from the default wiki colours. This means we can cut down on much of the CSS we use here to style them properly. Please report any issues in the comments below.
  • The shading of buttons has now been fixed. Previously, hover and active states were not displaying correctly.

Update - 3 December:
Due to unforeseen technical difficulties, there will be no beta test of the Wikia Mobile V3 skin. The skin will hopefully be available on Wednesday, 7 December. Sorry.

Other Questions? Comments? Feel free to leave them below. If you have bugs on the wiki to report, please contact a member of the administration via their talkpage.