"Union" is the 49th episode of Casualty and the 9th episode of the 4th series. It was preceded by "Deluge" and followed by "Taking Stock". The episode was directed by Gary Harrison and written by Jacqueline Holborough.


In the town centre a young girl is thrown from a speeding car but when passers-by go to help her, she's abusive. She is still uncooperative when she's brought into Casualty and gives the staff a hard time. Julie's been promoted and when she tries to ask the girl her name, she refuses to tell her. An agency nurse, Glenn Buchanan reports for duty and it's not long before he's chatting Julie up. Megan arrives for duty but seems nervous at the sight of reporters outside. She goes in via the back entrance and it appears she's spoken out to the press about the conditions in the department. A reporter comes in, wanting to talk to her but Julie passes him over to Valerie Sinclair. When he suggests the problems in Casualty were the root cause of a patient waiting for a heart by-pass operation, dying, she's put on the spot but she denies it. An African family rush in with their little girl who is in a bad way.

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