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Union was the ninth episode of Series 4 and the 49th episode of Casualty overall.

Plot Edit

Megan has talked to reporters about the staff and bed shortages, leading to front page headlines. The staff back her up, but Valerie tells her she faces a disciplinary hearing. Charlie is away all week at a seminar, leaving Duffy in charge, and a new agency nurse, Glen Buchanan - who Julie is attracted to. A 12 year old Sudanese girl, Raqi, is brought in seriously ill after her grandmother circumcises her. Her father is furious. Raqi dies, and Lucy tells the family the practice is illegal. Alex becomes upset - Jimmy comforts her and Duffy tells her all good nurses will get upset sometimes. The Surgical Consultant observes Lucy demonstrating relaxing techniques on an anxious man, Clive Jolly, with heart palpitations, he casts him off as neurotic and tells her if she wants to succeed not to follow those ideas.

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