Toby De Silva is a former junior doctor in emergency medicine who worked in the Emergency Department of Holby General Hospital from 2007 to 2009. He joined the ED in September 2007 alongside Ruth Winters, the other new trainee doctor.

Time in the Emergency Department (2007-09)

Toby was a troubled junior doctor who learned the hard way that emergency medicine was not for him. His own lack of confidence compounded with the expectations of two highly successful medic parents meant that he entered his F2 emergency department rotation with a great deal of trepidation. This was further heightened by his being thrown into competition with fellow F2, Ruth Winters, who always seemed to be two steps ahead of him.

When Ruth cracked under the pressure and made a suicide attempt, Toby was deeply traumatised and struggled to cope by himself. From this low, he became involved in an ill-advised relationship with Registrar Maggie's pregnant daughter. Distracted by these many conflicts of interest, he made a serious error in his orthopaedic rotation and was subsequently disowned by his mother, a professor of trauma surgery.

Toby began seeing hospital counsellor, Ben, for support and ended up falling for him. Ruth decided to expose the affair to Jordan, and, ashamed, Toby falsely accused Ben of taking advantage of him. Eventually, Toby, decided the only way to extricate himself from his problems was to leave medicine, but just as he left the hospital after resigning he became involved in an accident and had to be rescued from a sinking row boat by his colleague, staff nurse Jay Faldren.

During his recovery, Jordan informed Toby that they expected him to work through his notice period and he reluctantly returned for a last day in the ED. This last day proved a massive struggle, but the cases he faced helped Toby realise his true vocation was away from the fast pace and stress of emergency medicine and actually in general practice. Before leaving, Toby assured Ruth she was going to make a great surgeon and was pleased to see Ben waiting for him in the car park, offering the prospect of a new beginning.

Toby Facts

  • Toby accused Ruth of fancying him - much to her horror! The pair ended up with a 'brother/sister' relationship.
  • Toby managed to wreck Charlie's car on his first day.

Behind the scenes

Matthew Needham portrayed Toby De Silva on Casualty from 2007 until 2009.