Tess Bateman (born 22 January 1967)[1] is a senior staff nurse who worked at the Emergency Department of Holby City Hospital from 2003 to 2015. She joined the ED in September 2003 as the department's new emergency nurse practitioner,[2] and took up the role of Clinical Nurse Manager in 2005. She left the department in August 2015 after almost 12 years of working there, and was one of the longest serving staff members.[3]

As a third generation Jamaican, brought up in Cardiff, Tess is a traditionalist; if there's a rule book then she's swallowed it. She may be viewed as a kill-joy and inflexible, but her heart is in the right place - rules are there for a reason: the wellbeing and safety of the ED and its staff.

Tess cares deeply for her colleagues and will do anything for them. She loves spending time with her family, and she is a regular church goer, but not a holier than thou type. Her immaculate, business-like front masks a wicked, dry, sense of humour.

Tess Facts

  • She was devastated when Mike, her husband of 20 years, filed for divorce.
  • Loves spending time with her family.
  • Has a son called Sam, who has Bipolar Disorder.
  • Was there for Charlie when he faced a difficult decision about whether to assist in Megan's suicide.
  • She resigned as Clinical Nurse Manager when she was made the scapegoat over the death of a little boy, but she was later reinstated.