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Taking Stock was the tenth episode of Series 4 and the 50th episode of Casualty overall.

Plot Edit

A couple, Dennis and Joan Sedgeley, argue as they prepared to auction their bankrupt farm. Joan tells him their marriage is over, her husband taunts her and she shoots him. He forgives her, but dies as Dr Lewis performs surgery on him in CRASH. Joan is taken away by police. A working mother, Emma Foster, who has left her two year old boy, Ben, at home, finds him with an empty aspirin bottle and takes him to A&E. She is hysterical, as they give him ipecac to make him sick and give him blood tests, which come back negative. Lucy still wishes to keep him in overnight - Emma is worried they'll take him away from her. Jimmy finds a man, Mr Cunningham, in the street with severe eye pain, and brings him in, although he is reluctant and very agitated. He tells staff he has been mugged, but when Julie lets information slip to a policeman, they find out he matches the descriptions of a man who raped a woman - who then sprayed gas in his eyes.

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