"Stitch" redirects here. For the character, see Theo "Stitch" Lambert.

"Stitch" is the 572nd episode of Casualty and the 31st episode of the 21st series. It was preceded by "A World Elsewhere" and followed by "Life's Too Short". The episode was directed by Shani S. Grewal and written by Gregory Evans, and sees the arrival of Theo "Stitch" Lambert, portrayed by Peter O'Brien.


Mystery man Stitch turns up at a casino where Nathan is losing a lot of money and drinking heavily. When Stitch spots a croupier at the blackjack table running a 'top-hatting' scam with a shifty looking man he drags her outside and orders her to end the scam. Later, the croupier meets the shady character in the underground car park, and just as Stitch goes into the car park to check on her, the man slashes her across the face. Stitch spots Nathan close by and demands his help. Nathan is impressed with Stitch's handiwork and learns that he's a consultant. At the hospital, tension mounts when Stitch tries to take over as Selena tends to the croupier. He pressures Selena and Guppy to treat what he thinks is a tracheal bronchial injury but Selena thinks it's something else. And when the power fails Selena is unable to prove that she's right. That night, Stitch tells Selena he's looking forward to working with her - as he leaves the hospital with a sexy nurse.

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