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Series 32 will be the thirty-second series of Casualty and will commence airing in 2017. The changes in the cast prior to the 32nd series are only partially known so far, with only a few cast members confirmed to be returning. They are listed below. Filming for the series' first episode began in April 2017, and will air later on in the year.

The series was officially announced in August 2016, when executive producer of series 31, Oliver Kent, said that the storyline of series 31 was already known and the team knew exactly what they were going into series 32 with.

Erika Hossington will continue to serve as series producer, whilst Simon Harper carries on his role as interim executive producer following Oliver Kent's role change to Head of Continuing Drama.


Most of the cast from series 31 will be continuing their roles into series 32. In February 2017, behind the scenes pictures of filming inadvertently revealed that a main character will die in around June 2017. Therefore, said cast member won't be reprising their role in the 32nd series. However, this is yet to be officially confirmed by the BBC due to confidentiality of cast exits, and the character in question is not yet known. However, Richard Winsor is the only cast member who has left the show, as revealed through inadvetent spoilers.

Main characters

The following cast members are confirmed to be returning in the 32nd series, seen through behind the scenes filming pictures.


Episode Centric character Original airdate
1048 1 "Tabula Rasa"[1] TBA 2017


  1. BBC Backlog
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