"Seeking Heat" is the 24th episode of Casualty and the 9th episode of the 2nd series. It was preceded by "Cross Fingers" and followed by "Rock-a-Bye-Baby". The episode was directed by Christopher Menaul and written by Ray Brennan and Jeremy Brock.


Ewart's relieved his divorce is over even though his wife took him to the cleaners, but at least he's free to enjoy Elizabeth's company now. A bomb explodes in a house, split into flats and only one person is found alive, but who is he? The jacket he was wearing tells them who he is, but it turns out later, it wasn't his and the staff now have to tell the parents, who thought their son was alive, is now dead. Megan is attacked because of her Irish accent and Duffy and Mary have healed the rift between them. Although she has passed her exams, Karen tells Charlie she intends to leave.

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