"Seeing the Light" is the 262nd episode of Casualty and the 8th episode of the 14th series.


Drew brings in a workmate from a building site with an eye injury, who is given an eyepatch and told to stay off work. However, the foreman insists he go back to work straight away and he is later brought back in covered with boiling tar, having walked into a stream that he couldn't see; he should survive but will probably be disabled. Drew burned his hands trying to help and Holly calls Maggie to see him; neither are happy with Holly's interference but agree to stay in touch. A young woman is brought in by her sister; she took an overdose after they had an argument. When she is revived, she reports having a near death experience. It's Adam's first shift as a nurse and he has to deal with one of a group of drunk medical stunts who fell and hit his head. Adam sees him have a seizure and alerts Sean. The patient disappears and Adam tracks him down; he admits he's been having the seizures for a while and worries that he has a brain tumour. Adam tells him it's probably epilepsy and gets him to think more positively, earning Duffy's approval. Duffy learns that Chloe's booked in for an abortion after her shift and tells Tina; Tina repairs their friendship and accompanies Chloe to the appointment. Eve walks out mid-shift, clearing her locker. Charlie tracks her down to the church and she tells him she's going to leave nursing to run Gerry's mission.