"Secrets And Lies" is the 29th episode of series 25 and the 763rd episode of Casualty overall.


It's the day of Jay's orchidectomy and he decides to go into work instead of stewing at home. The arrival of a drug trafficker and his sick girlfriend in the ED provide a distraction from Jay's personal problems.

Noel is organising a bowling night to which he invites Miriam. She is touched but declines his offer. Lenny invites Mads to go but she mistakenly thinks she is being asked out on a date. Confiding in Zoe, who tells her to go for it, Mads accepts Lenny's invitation.

With Miriam and Jordan clashing constantly, Jordan and Hanssen agree that there should only be one clinical lead. But the smile is wiped off Jordan's face when Hanssen tells them they can both apply for the single position.

After a troubled day at work, Jay heads for his orchidectomy. True to form, he turns on his charm for the attractive nurse but, as she turns away, it is clear how scared he truly is...

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