Samantha "Sam" Nicholls, (born 1984, died 2018), (formerly Kent and Keogh)[1][2],, was a paramedic and former registrar in emergency medicine. She worked in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital from 2011 to 2013.[3][1] Prior to joining the ED, she worked as an army medic.[4]

Headstrong and fearless, Sam is passionate about saving lives and not afraid to take risks. Before coming to Holby, Sam was an army medic who served in Afghanistan - where she thrived on the adrenaline rush of combat medicine. Sam is a brilliant mate, great to share a pint and banter with, but she’s definitely not one to overshare. Sam was a Doctor in the ED, but returned as a paramedic - working alongside Iain Dean.

In the premiere episode of Season 33, she was wounded by shrapnel that was not revealed until the end of the episode, where Iain Dean tried frantically to resucitate her, but to no effect.

Sam Facts:

  • Sam holds the rank of Major in the army.
  • She sometimes struggles with ungrateful patients and their emotional baggage.
  • She’s a tomboy and hates high heels and makeup.
  • She was first a Registrar specialising in Emergency Medicine but when she arrived back in 2017, She had changed to a Paramedic.


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