Sadie Tomkins is a receptionist who worked in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital from September to November 1988.

Time in the emergency department (1988)Edit

Tough receptionist Sadie replaced receptionist Susie from September 1988. Widowed from husband Bill, Sadie lived with her two children and his mother. Polish porter Kuba took a shine to Sadie, however in late September when he asked her out on a second date, with her and her children – she backed off after thinking he got too personal.[1]

In mid October, a car collided with two minibuses packed with teenagers. The driver of the car, Alec was already on the way to A&E after injuring his hand. His partner rang A&E reception and spoke to Sadie as she didn't know which hospital he was at. Sadie suggested phoning the police – realising he was the dead driver of the car.[2]

A week later, a foreign worker, Colin, was brought in by his boss with hallucinations and a cut to his face. The boss said he had been inhaling paint stripper. David believed his story, but Cyril was not convinced. Sadie brought them more evidence, after she spoke with Colin who said their work place had poor ventilation.[3]

In late October, Megan confided in Sadie that she was missing Ted [4] before speaking with Sadie further about her marriage problems and that Ted wasn’t keen on her moving to Cheltenham.[5]

Behind the scenesEdit

Carol Leader portrayed Sadie Tomkins in Casualty from September to November 1988.


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