"Rates of Exchange" is the 81st episode of Casualty and the first episode of the 7th series.


Sally has been having an affair with her partner, Greg’s, best friend, Neil. Greg finds out from a letter, and goes to see him, they fight and Neil’s head hits a wall. Feeling remorse, Greg takes him to hospital in his car, but they continue to argue – the car overturns, after swerving to avoid a lorry. There is no hope for Greg, as Sally goes to see him – she leaves her young son, Rahjit, at reception for Norma to look after. Greg’s parents, Joyce and Sujit have different opinions on organ donation, but eventually decide to let them go ahead. Neil, on the other hand, suffers a fractured femur, and nearly dies after new SHO Rob Khalefa forgets to push fluids into him and misses his fractured pelvis.

Ash befriends homeless teenager, Vicky Morris. After stealing from a chemists, she slits her wrists. She survives and asks her Mum, Janice – a well known prostitute – to come and see her. Janice turns up, but only to say her last goodbye. The police turn up with a warrant for Vicky’s arrest – attempted murder – Vicky has a two year old baby called Melanie, and Vicky attempted a double suicide – but ended up only giving Melanie tablets. She attempts to run off, spraying aerosol in Maxine’s eyes, but the policeman are on guard.

Rob flirts with motorbiker, Maggie, who has a broken wrist. Maxine comes to him later, with her phone number for him, Julian overhears and is not impressed.

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