Rashid "Rash" Masum is an F1 junior doctor who currently works in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital.

Character Profile

Rash, short for Rashid, is a cheeky chappie and an eternal optimist who always tries to make the rest of the ED laugh. The only problem is sometimes they laugh with him and other times at him. Rash’s charming bedside manner always ensures he has a good relationship with his patients. However, his cheerful outlook can also be a mask for anxiety, as he’s not always the most confident in his own ability. He has a nervous disposition and often shows this by puking his guts up in the hospital toilets. Despite this, Rash’s want to succeed drives him on. It’s a trait he was born into and comes from his working class roots. He is part of a large family where education is highly thought of. As a result his siblings are all high flyers, working as lawyers and accountants. Rash still lives a sheltered life and unfortunately his intellectuality doesn’t include being street smart. As the youngest in the family and someone who still lives at home, he’ll always be a mummy’s boy and she’ll always make his packed lunches. Rash sees his new post at Holby as a chance of reinventing himself and is eager to put his boyish charm behind him.

Rashid Facts

  • Studied for his medical degree whilst living at home.
  • Rash wanted to become a doctor after he had to have his tonsils removed as a child.
  • Despite his mum’s great cooking, he isn’t a fan of spicy food and usually sticks to a cheese sandwich.

Behind the scenes

Neet Mohan made his first appearance as the character in November 2017.