"Phoenix" is the 285th episode of Casualty and the first episode of the 15th series. It was preceded by "Being There - Part Two" and followed by "Accidents Happen". The episode was directed by Tim Leandro and written by Ben Cooper. This episode also sees the arrival of staff nurse Colette Kierney, and the return of porter Spencer.


The department is busy – Duffy is in Charge due to Charlie suffering a pulmonary embolism at the end of last series. Duffy had recently agreed for new beds to be put in the ED but regrets it, as the staff find that it is harder to get the patients up to the wards. Duffy speaks to Dan Robinson, the new manager of the ED, about the bed problem. He tells her there was a proposal to put beds in paediatric resus as well. Duffy tells Dan this can’t happen, and Dan says he'll see what he can do. Tina and Sean send the department a postcard from Australia.

2 youths, Andy and Luke, break into Chloe's room in the nurses' home. She returns to her room and the boys run, and Chloe gives chase. One of the boys bumps into Spencer but they both get away. They later break into an old woman named Rosie's house, believing that she is on holiday. It turns out that she's not, and is still in the house. The boys make Rosie give them her money and are about to leave when Colette, Rosie's neighbour, turns up to see if she is okay. Andy jumps out of a first floor window; not realising there is a glass conservatory underneath him. Luke runs past Colette and out of the front door. Colette calls an ambulance and looks after Andy. When the paramedics arrive, Josh is patronising towards Colette. He later finds out that she is going to be the department's new F Grade nurse.


Josh and Fin were among the paramedics to arrive at the scene.

Luke sees the ambulance and goes to the ED himself. Chloe looks through Andy's bag and finds her credit card. Spencer is asked to give a statement to the police about the other burglar he saw coming out of Chloe's room. Luke overhears. Spencer has been kicked out of his B&B and planned to spend the night in the boiler room. Luke follows him here and begins threatening him. He pulls at a pipe and it comes loose, spraying boiling steam at him. He is taken to the ED to be treated, and reveals he was only stealing to get money for his dad. Spencer and Chloe decide not to turn him into the police. Duffy and Patrick talk to Spencer about his living arrangements. Patrick lets Spencer sleep in his on call room that night.

Charlie is on a break from work, recovering. When by the river, he meets a young mum, Diane. She talks to Charlie, and then goes to get an ice cream for them both. She leaves her baby, Phoenix, with Charlie. She then runs away, leaving Charlie with the baby. He takes the baby to the police who call an ambulance, as Phoenix has a temperature. Charlie decides to search for Diane, and eventually finds her. She has taken an overdose, and is rushed into hospital. She is saved, and is reunited with Phoenix. The staff are happy to see Charlie back, and he reveals to Dan Robinson that he will be coming back to work the next week.

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