The past characters of Casualty are characters who were once show regulars but have now departed. Since the show's creation in 1986, various cast members have arrived, left and returned to the show.

Jez Andrews

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Jez Andrews, played by Lloyd Everitt, made his first screen appearance on 12 March 2016.

Cheeky, easy-going and full of banter, Jez is a fresh-faced, newly-qualified paramedic with bags of energy. Jez doesn’t take life too seriously, which means he gets on well with everybody and loves a good flirt. It’s just a shame that this enthusiasm isn’t always applied to his job... Like a distracted puppy, Jez can be difficult to control in a perilous situation, much to Iain’s frustration.

Jez is still a baby at heart, and has only just moved out of his Mum’s into the house with Robyn and Max. Still getting used to adult life, he is known to be immature, arrogant, messy and lazy, but this often just masks the fact that he is naïve and still has a lot to learn. Whether this reckless young lad can pull his socks up and become an adept paramedic remains to be seen, but his cool and collected head might turn out to be just what you need in an emergency situation...

Caleb Knight

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Caleb "Cal" Knight, played by Richard Winsor, first appeared on 18 January 2014 as the new locum doctor of Holby City Hospital and brother of Ethan Hardy .

Cal likes to live life in the fast lane. His smooth, unflappable style runs through every aspect of his personality, but this could be seen by some as arrogance. Nothing phases Cal. His arrival at Holby was something of a shock to younger brother, Ethan, and it’s not long before Ethan’s frustration at, once again, being in his big brother’s shadow starts to show. Cal is the confident, assured type but there’s a sense of a darker, emotionally damaged soul underneath: a combination that makes him almost irresistible to women and something which Cal is not afraid to use to his advantage.

Cal is a natural and instinctive ED doctor, and isn’t afraid to bend the rules to get his way. He failed his first attempt at medical school (through too much partying) and so has ended up a few rungs down the career ladder from his younger brother, Ethan. Always ready to lead from the front, Cal exudes confidence to get what he wants, but, occasionally, his bravado slips and he has to dig a little deeper to find out who he really is.

Sebastian Grayling

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Sebastian Grayling, played by Rik Makarem, joined the show on 29 October 2016.

Cocky, witty and sharp-tongued, Seb entered the ED with confidence and made a bad first impression on the staff. However, when Dylan came to realise that he's trying to impress his father and live up to his high expectations, he begins to feel sorry for him.

Seb departed in January 2017, after confessing the truth about a false allegation he made against Dylan.

Rita Freeman

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Rita Freeman (previously Richie), played by Chloe Howman, is the Clinical Nurse Manager who first appeared on 10 August 2013. Rita made her final appearance in the 42nd episode of series 30, almost three years after joining the show.

Rita’s a whirlwind of energy and enthusiasm, and runs the nursing team with brilliant efficiency. She’s a firm and decisive leader, who likes to get stuck into any challenge that comes her way. She’s an excellent nurse who doesn’t put up with any nonsense – junior doctors have been known to shake in her wake and patients do exactly as they're told.

She’s also a brilliant listener, and is always on-hand to provide some sage and moral advice. Her easy manner means people open up to her and her calmness under pressure means she’s exactly the person you would want next to you in a crisis.

Few realise that her gregarious personality is a way of stopping anyone from getting too close, which became understandable after it transpired that her ex-husband went to jail for abusing his 13-year-old pupil. As a result, Rita is vulnerable and insecure at her core, but this doesn’t stop her from loving a good party.

MacKenzie Chalker

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Mackenzie "Big Mac" Chalker played by Charles Dale first appeared on 24 November 2007. He was a porter until October 2013, when he applied to become an emergency care assistant. However, he quit this role in November 2014 and applied to be a healthcare assistant instead. He later left the ED in 2016.

Big Mac tries to be everyone's friend and loves nothing more than sharing a few jokes over a nice cup of tea. When things don't go his way he can be overly sensitive, and just a little bit grouchy. He's unlucky in love, but eternally optimistic that this will change. He loves his country and he's very proud of his service in the army.

Previously our well-loved porter, his new role within the team means that he gets a unique insight into the patients’ lives as he assists with their treatment, without the tough responsibilities of a nurse. His laziness can often get him in trouble, but he can always rely on his best friend Noel to bail him out.

Zoe Hanna

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Zoe Walker (née Hanna) is played by Sunetra Sarker and first appeared on 29 December 2007. She temporarily departed the show for eight weeks in 2014, but made a permanent departure in May 2016.

Zoe is an intelligent, highly-talented and ambitious doctor. There's a chaotic and flamboyant energy about her that affects everyone she meets. Zoe may put on a professional front, but there’s an immaturity and recklessness to her underneath which we catch a glimpse of every now and then. She has her flaws, and you might catch her stumbling into work hungover on more than one occasion, but she is the perfect mix of a fun-loving woman and a dedicated, skilled, doctor.

Zoe loves her work, but her social life is just as important. She was given the chance to become Clinical Lead, but decided that paperwork really isn’t her priority; she likes to be on the frontline, amidst the action and chaos, and still leave work with time for a large glass of wine in the pub.

Jack Diamond

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Jack Diamond, played by Alistair Brammer, was a receptionist in the ED and made his first appearance in December 2015, just before the Christmas break of series 30. Since his arrival, he has been friendly to the rest of the staff and has made a generally good first impression on them, despite having annoyed Lofty and Dylan in the new year when he was organising an auction to raise money for the ED.

His arrival just before Christmas gave him the perfect opportunity to spruce up the ED with decorations. Having a generally positive influence on the rest of the staff is important to Jack, and he surprises Noel, his new manager, to the extent to which he will go to get the department in the Christmas spirit.

Jack left the department in April 2016 to pursue his dreams of working in the travel industry.

Ben Chiltern

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Ben "Lofty" Chiltern played by Lee Mead, was a staff nurse who first appeared on 1 March 2014. He was introduced as the nurse replacing Jamie Collier. He departed the show in March 2016, and reprised his role on Holby City as the character the following year.

From the loft of his Dad’s house, Lofty fell into Robyn and Max’s lives. Quite literally. Always stumbling around, he somehow managed to stumble into a job at Holby where he brightens up the corridors with his big blue eyes and beaming smile. Although he is not the smoothest of talkers, or walkers, his warmth and kindness make him easy to forgive. He’s fond of daydreaming, but his clumsiness and lack of attention can often land him in scrapes.

Lofty had been having fun without responsibilities for a long time, living off his parents’ generous donations and hopping from interest to interest without any real focus or ambition. Eventually, they’d had enough: Mummy and Daddy cut him off, forcing him to find his feet, which he managed to do with a little push from Robyn. Since then we have seen him grow to be a brilliant nurse, who is particularly gifted at dealing with children. The ED is lucky to have such a great team player, full of energy and spark.

Kathleen Dixon

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Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon, played by Jane Hazlegrove, is an Operational Duty Officer and Paramedic who first appeared on 30 September 2006. She departed over nine years later in January 2016.

Dixie is larger than life. She doesn't care a jot what people think about her, and this openness wins her a lot of friends. She's straight talking to the point of bluntness and enjoys a practical joke. She’s also hot-headed and opinionated, and she will always fight for what’s right.

Before joining the paramedics, she tried her hand at being a classroom assistant, a kitchen hand on a cruise ship, and manager of a pub. But Dixie found her calling as a paramedic, where she provides the tough motherly love that you need in a crisis. But since Jeff’s death, and after being rejected for adoption, Dixie often feels that there is a hole in her life.

Honey Wright

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Honey Wright, portrayed by Chelsee Healey, was a barista at the coffee shop in the ED. She first appeared in October 2014, before departing in February 2015. She returned briefly in July that year and later made her final appearance in September.

Honey had a brief on-off romance with Ethan Hardy. However, this caused a stir with Lily Chao who also had feelings for him. Honey broke big news to Noel by revealing that she was his daughter, which left him shocked. The two bonded closely whilst working together, and he was upset when she left the ED to pursue other goals.

Tess Bateman

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Tess Bateman, played by Suzanne Packer, was a nurse who worked at the Emergency Department of Holby City Hospital from 2003 to 2015. Her job over the years has been that of a staff nurse and former Clinical Nurse Manager.

As a third generation Jamaican, brought up in Cardiff, Tess is a traditionalist; if there's a rule book then she's swallowed it. She may be viewed as a kill-joy and inflexible, but her heart is in the right place - rules are there for a reason: the well-being and safety of the ED and its staff.

Tess cares deeply for her colleagues and will do anything for them. She loves spending time with her family, and she is a regular church goer, but not a holier than thou type. Her immaculate, business-like front masks a wicked, dry, sense of humour.

Martin Ashford

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Martin "Ash" Ashford, played by Patrick Robinson, is a consultant who first appearance in the fifth series of the show. Back then, he was a staff nurse. He departed the show a few series later, but returned in series 27 as a consultant in emergency medicine. He remained on the show until December 2014 when he made his final appearance.

In his 30’s, Ash worked as a charge nurse at Holby City A+E. He left to teach at a local college after he was acquitted of physically attacking a racist patient, but returned briefly in series ten to marry Laura, a PR officer in the hospital.

In the intervening years Ash retrained as a doctor, eventually passing his exams and becoming a Consultant. Ash and Zoe have differing management styles, but they soon bond in support of each other.

Although his marriage didn’t last Ash has a daughter, Ella. Now she’s a teenager, Ash has put his foot down with her, but she still remains a rebellious and challenging presence in his life and the ED.

Doctor by trade, Ash is a nurse at heart and as such isn’t afraid to go to anyone who he thinks might help in a given situation, which gains him much respect. Ash is no pushover – he has strong opinions and is happy to say the things no one else will say. He’s also a pragmatist and a long-termist – able to see the bigger picture and stay calm in a crisis.

Tamzin Bayle

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Tamzin Bayle, portrayed by Gemma Atkinson, was a paramedic who made various appearances on Casualty. She initially appeared for a few episodes at the start of series 26 and again at the start of series 27. She then appeared towards the end of series 28, continuing her role until episode 6 of series 29.

Jeff Collier

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Jeff Collier, portrayed by Matt Bardock, was a paramedic who joined the show in 2007. He remained on the show for over seven years, before his departure in October 2014.

Jeff was a football-supporting geezer, but was also a fantastic paramedic. He hated ‘Broken Britain’ and so he often took the youth of today under his wing, and he tried to make them the best that they can be. He pretended to be the King of his castle, but secretly he knew Dixie wore the trousers. He's had authority on the street and that was priceless to his colleagues.

Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher

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Adrian "Fletch" Fletcher, portrayed by Alex Walkinshaw, is a senior staff nurse who worked in the ED from 2012 to 2014.

In his 30s, Adrian Fletcher - universally known as Fletch - is a little older than your average band 5 nurse, having first trained as a mechanic.

During the recession, Fletch lost the successful business he'd built up and suddenly found himself at a loss. With a third baby on the way and unable to provide for his family for the first time, Fletch needed a steady job. When his wife went into labour in the emergency department, it was the optimistic nursing staff who saw the couple through. There and then Fletch decided to retrain as a nurse.

Fletch is the ultimate cheeky chappy - the kind of entertaining bloke you'd really want to go down the pub and have a laugh with, whether you're male or female. Although Fletch accepts he's starting at the bottom at Holby, he brings a lot of life experience to the job and has an air of authority and maturity.

While he's prepared to take orders from those younger than him and knows he has lots still to learn in terms of practical experience, he isn't afraid to talk back or question something he disagrees with.

Jamie Collier

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Jamie Collier, portrayed by Daniel Anthony, is a staff nurse who appeared on Casualty from 2013 to 2014.

Jamie was at his happiest when he was hanging out with his girls Aoife, Robyn and Ally. He was the perfect 'gay best friend' – sweet, charming, caring, warm and loyal. Jamie loved being loved, and would always go out of his way to make people feel better – if they felt good, he felt good, it's win-win!

Jamie grew up in a large, aggressive and macho family where arguments were pretty much constant. As the youngest, Jamie got used to not getting involved in arguments and avoiding conflict. This proved to be a valuable asset in his nursing career – he was a calming influence, able to diffuse the most volatile of situations.

But his refusal to engage in conflict meant that he missed out on the good stuff.

Jamie was at ease with his sexuality, and was 'out' to himself and his friends. But he didn't flaunt it at work, or at home. – he was a shy boy at heart, and relatively inexperienced in the romance department.

Tom Kent

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Tom Kent, portrayed by Oliver Coleman, was a paediatric registrar in emergency medicine who worked in the ED from January 2012 to December 2013.

Tom is the ED’s specialist paediatric doctor – a job he excels at as he knows how to talk to children and always takes time out to interact with them. He takes his responsibility to his patients very seriously and will always go the extra mile for them. However, this responsibility and maturity doesn’t always spill over into his private life – he hates talking about his personal affairs and is something of a playboy.

Lloyd Asike

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Lloyd Asike, portrayed by Michael Obiora, appeared on Casualty as a band 5 staff nurse from 2011 to 2013. He remained on the show for almost two years, appearing in the 26th and 27th series.

Lloyd wanted to be able to change the world one social economic problem at a time. The problem was he often saw the cause rather than the patient. And sometimes his integrity and hot-headedness could get in the way of the best outcome. But he was great with the practical, hands on side of nursing, thinking on his feet and never being shy about coming forward. He was always first in with his big size tens.

Linda Andrews

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Linda Andrews, played by Christine Tremarco, was a staff nurse at Holby ED. She appeared from 2011 to 2013. Linda also briefly held the role of Clinical Nurse Manager towards the start of her time on the show.

Linda was a typical live fast, die young type of woman. Men adored her, attracted by her good looks and strong sense of self, but women loved her too because she is the life and soul of the party and a real girl's girl. She was definitely an everywoman and would always fight for the underdog. She loved to party, and hated hard work, but she was an excellent nurse.

Aoife O'Reilly

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Aoife O'Reilly, portrayed by Gemma-Leah Devereux, is a student nurse who worked in the ED of Holby City Hospital for around four months of 2013. She joined the department with three other student nurses; one dropped out and the other two were given the full time positions in the ED.

Aoife was all high spirits, enthusiasm and warmth when you first met her. She's optimistic, positive and excited and this is why patients loved her. Nurturing is instinctive in her and despite her youth she had a forthright "matronly" way of talking to the patients.

This came from being the middle child of eight in a noisy Dublin family, with a fierce Irish Ma as a role model. Aoife took charge of her younger three siblings and became a mini Mother, allowing her natural bossiness to flourish.

However, underneath Aoife's bossy, no nonsense exterior was a kind heart. This meant that she could charm her patients, and loved the fact they warm to her and need her. But she could also be tough and fight her own corner, or that of someone in need, with relish.

She was determined and ambitious and wanted to make something of herself so that, one day, her family will turn around and say "didn't our Aoife do well". She dreamt of being a nurse consultant and knows she's got the qualities needed.

Nick Jordan

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Nick Jordan, portrayed by Michael French, appeared on Casualty from 2008 to 2013. He departed the show at the end of series 26 in 2012, but returned for 4 episodes in 2013, still credited as a series regular.

Nick Jordan made his first appearance up on the surgical wards on 'Holby City'. Jordan was a brilliant and charming CT surgeon - but one with a dark side who soon earned a reputation for being arrogant, manipulative and something of a ladies' man!

Jordan's estranged wife Karen also worked in the hospital at the time, and it was a crisis in their relationship which caused Jordan to respond too slowly to his pager, leading to the death of a patient. He pleaded guilty before a tribunal and, when he was cleared, handed in his resignation and left Holby.

Consequently Jordan's arrival in the ED was greeted with some trepidation - his reputation definitely preceded him! Both Adam and Zoe took an instant dislike to their new boss (although in Zoe's case this was tempered by physical attraction) but others such as Charlie and Ruth were surprised to find that Jordan was a firm but fair leader who seemed to genuinely want the best for the ED and its staff.

The cause of this mellowing soon became apparent - unbeknownst to the ED team, Jordan was suffering from a brain tumour which was causing him to forget words and hindering his fine motor skills. Jordan had realised that the fast paced world of the ED was a better place to hide his condition than in the operating theatre and his desire to improve the department was born of a need to create a lasting legacy in the event that he did not have long to live.

Jordan was cunning when hiding his symptoms, using junior doctors Ruth and Toby to cover when he forgot words, and scheming to have Adam sent on compassionate leave when he came too near the truth. When Jordan collapsed in the ED his condition became impossible to conceal or ignore.

Jordan refused surgery due to the risk of complications - preferring to die than be unable to continue in the job he loved. However, when he was hospitalised, Zoe forged his signature on a consent form and the surgery went ahead.

Jordan survived the surgery and returned to work, initially in a non-clinical capacity although he was gradually allowed to return to treating patients. At this time his relationship with Zoe ended after she lied about being pregnant, as she was unable to face telling him that she was infertile. Eventually the pair developed a close friendship - Zoe was the only person who could get away with calling him Nick or cheeking him!

Jordan settled back into his role as king of the ED, fighting to make the department the best it could be and encouraging the younger doctors like Lenny and Sam. However, there was no sign of a happy ending in his personal life until he met feisty policewoman Yvonne Rippon.

It soon became clear that Yvonne was the 'the one' for Jordan and when she was seriously injured in the Holby riots he left the ED in Zoe's hands to care for her.

Jordan returned briefly when Yvonne was admitted to hospital and died.

Despite being devastated he tried to return to business as usual as Clinical Lead but when he was brought face to face with the man who stabbed Yvonne - and saved his life - he realised that he needed to create a life for himself beyond the hospital.

Bidding Zoe an emotional farewell, he left the department in her hands.

Ally Hunter

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Ally Hunter, played by Rebecca Newman, is a student nurse who appeared on Casualty in January 2013. Although credited as a series regular, she only appeared in three episodes. To date, she is the main character who has appeared in the least number of episodes. Her exit from the show was written in as the character struggled to cope with the aftermath of a coach crash full of school children.

Scarlett Conway

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Scarlett Conway, portrayed by Madeleine Mantock, is a staff nurse who worked in the ED from 2011 to 2012, appearing in the show's 26th series.

For Scarlett, arriving in the ED was an eye-opening experience as it was the first time she'd witnessed real poverty, violence, or abuse. But that was why she entered the profession - a desire to test herself. Scarlett was unsure whether she would make a good nurse and also quickly discovered that her striking good looks could sometimes be more of a hindrance than a help in the ED.

Scarlett's urge to do something useful with her life was undermined by a lack of faith in her own abilities, but as her competence in treating patients grew, so did her self-confidence. She also embarked on a romance with fellow nurse Lloyd, learnt to stick up for herself and also taught Lloyd that it was ok to lighten up occasionally!

Her interactions with Lloyd and his family exposed Scarlett to a world beyond her sheltered upbringing and she gradually began engaging with the wider community. This had tragic repercussions during the Holby riots when, swept up in the emotions of the night, Scarlett threw a brick at some police officers after hearing one make a potentially racist remark.

Scarlett hit a young police woman, causing her to be a prime target for a Molotov cocktail. When Lloyd confronted her with the consequences of her actions Scarlett was devastated and left Lloyd and the ED behind to turn herself in.

Lenny Lyons

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Lenny Lyons, portrayed by Steven Miller, was a doctor at Holby ED. He appeared in series 24, 25 and 26 of the show. He joined during his foundation training years, then progressed on to his CT1 and CT2 years.

Lenny was a brash young doctor at the start of his career. Lenny grew up in a care home and only had sketchy memories of his junky mother, but he schemed and studied his way to becoming a doctor. Lenny was considered old for an F1 Doctor since he only started training in his 20s.

When he first started in the ED Lenny’s attitude was somewhat immature and he preferred to focus on the blood, gore and exciting procedures rather than on the patients as individuals. As time went on Lenny realised that he did genuinely care for people and wanted to be the best ED doctor around.

Lenny loved to talk, but had a tendency to be inappropriate as he rarely engaged his brain before opening his mouth.Lenny formed an unrequited romantic attachment to Mads and also developed a close friendship with Linda, helping her to care for her niece and nephew.

When a young boy died in the ED in suspicious circumstances, Lenny helped to unravel the cause of death and rediscovered an interest in forensic medicine. Much to the disappointment of Jordan, Linda and the team, he decided to leave the ED and retrain as a forensic pathologist.

Jay Faldren

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Jay Faldren, portrayed by Ben Turner, appeared on Casualty from 2008 to 2011. His role was a staff nurse throughout his time on the show, in the 23rd, 24th, 25th and 26th series.

Jamshid "Jay" Faldren started in the ED as a clever and well-meaning but somewhat immature young man. Despite being good at his job, Jay saw working at the hospital as a chance to flirt with the ladies and enjoyed playing the prankster. But Charlie warmed to him, seeing a resemblance to his younger self in Jay.

The flirtatious Jay agreed to accompany Ruth to a surgeon's dinner in return for payment. But in time, Jay and Ruth developed real feelings for each other and began to date for real. When a pregnant Ruth collapsed and was treated in the ED, Jay assumed she had suffered a miscarriage and was distraught. Matters worsened when Ruth confessed that she had in fact taken an abortion pill, unable to cope with the idea of being a mother. Jay couldn't deal with her betrayal and ended the relationship.

When Jay took part in a faulty drugs trial, he thought he had been infected with "Crypto virus" and was going to die. However the moment the blood test results put his mind at ease, Nick Jordan delivered the bombshell that Ruth was getting married to surgeon Edward Thurlow that very day. Jay ran through the streets of Holby to pledge his undying love to Ruth, but was too late as she was already married. Jay then threw himself into a fling with Polly, but realising Polly wasn't the one, he ended things with her, too.

When Ruth was sectioned, Jay was devastated, but found he wasn't able to offer her as much support as she needed because he also had to care for his ailing Nan, Maryam. As if things weren't tough enough, Jay was also diagnosed with testicular cancer. He battled the disease and won - however he had lost a testicle, put Maryam in a care home, and further damaged his friendship with Ruth by the time he was given the all clear.

Jay, along with the rest of the department, felt the effects of Polly's death. But there was some light at the end of the tunnel for him as he slowly started to rebuild his relationship with Ruth. After the Holby fire he and Ruth left Holby to concentrate on their relationship.

Ruth Winters

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Ruth Winters, portrayed by Georgia Taylor, was a doctor who appeared on Casualty from 2007 to 2011. She was on the show for over 4 years.

Ruth was clever, hardworking and focused as a medical student. She always performed well academically and didn't seem to know the meaning of failure, something which earned her admiration - if not necessarily friendship- from her fellow students. Not that she cared - Ruth's professional ambition had always come at the expense of her social and personal life. Being a doctor was Ruth's ambition from the age of eight and it seemed to be all that mattered to her.

However, once Ruth was in the ED dealing with real patients and real colleagues, she struggled to cope. After seriously misdiagnosing several patients and failing to bond with the team, she attempted suicide. Found by Abs and Toby, she eventually recovered and returned to work. But when new clinical lead Nick Jordan rejected her after they had a one night stand, her confidence took a further knock and she decided she wanted to get a surgical rotation and get away from the ED.

She paid Jay to accompany her to several surgical events but the pair grew closer and began dating for real. However, when Ruth realised she was pregnant she felt unable to cope and secretly took the abortion pill. She reacted badly to it and collapsed. Jay assumed that she had suffered a miscarriage and, unable to deal with her own deceit, Ruth dumped him. They did get back together, but when Ruth confessed to the abortion Jay left her. It was at this point that she was offered another chance at a surgical post but she turned it down to help Jay, who was the victim of an unethical surgical trial.

Determined to become a surgeon, Ruth married influential surgeon Edward Thurlow, but she was devastated when Edward didn't give her the surgical promotion she desired, and was even more distressed to discover that he was gay. Eventually Edward left her for a man and Ruth threw herself into work, but the mounting emotional strain caused her to suffer a breakdown in the ED and she was sectioned after attempting to operate on a patient in the on call room.

Ruth was diagnosed with bi-polar and eventually returned to work part time. She forgave Jordan for having her sectioned, helped Charlie to care for his granddaughter, and got back with Jay. Ruth fell pregnant again and struggled to cope with the idea, especially since the pregnancy meant she would have to stop taking the medication for her bi-polar. She attempted to reject Jay but when the pair found themselves trapped in the ED fire she realised what was important in her life - both she and Jay quit the hospital and were last seen leaving Holby in a camper van.