"Pascal's Wager" is the forty-fourth episode of Series 25 and the 778th episode of Casualty overall.


Rachel and Mendel run a pharmacy and are being terrorised by a local heroin addict who is desperate for fixes for himself and his pregnant girlfriend. When the addict comes into the chemist for methadone, Mendel stands up to him and is stabbed for his troubles. Deciding enough is enough Rachel adds a mysterious substance to the methadone, with unforeseen consequences that are revealed later.

Meanwhile, Dylan offers sick street girl Becca a place to stay for the night but finds himself in serious trouble when Jordan finds out she's only 15. And a petrified Mads is still living in fear of her attacker, Ash, who has stepped up his threatening behaviour. Can Lenny crack her defences and persuade her to do the right thing and go to the police?


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