The nurses of Holby City Hospital's emergency department are staff who tend to patients for minor injuries and assist around the department. Nurses are required to wear blue scrubs for work. Charlie wears lighter mid-blue scrubs as he is an Emergency Nurse Practitioner. Meanwhile, Robyn Miller, Louise Tyler and David Hide wear regular light blue scrubs as they're staff nurses. Jacob Masters wears a different uniform to the other nurses due to the fact he is a senior nurse, Tess Bateman wore the same colour of scrubs as Charlie due to this fact as well, as well as wearing the Clinical Nurse Manager uniform which is a dark blue short shirt with a thick white line around the cuffs and neck. Student nurses wore a purple colour scrubs to distinguish them from normal nurses.

Ben "Lofty" Chiltern held the same position as Jacob for a brief period but still wore regular light blue scrubs, possibly implying the rank-uniform link is just a choice. The Clinical Nurse Manager is in charge of the nurses, their duties also include enforcing the code of conduct, managing rotas and reporting back to the Clinical Lead. When Rita Freeman left Holby, the role of acting Clinical Nurse Manager went to Jacob Masters, although he wasn't formally given the role. The permanent job went to Jacob eventually after being selected by Henrik Hanssen, but this was concealed by Clinical Lead Elle Gardner, until Jacob bribed it out of her.

Current nursesEdit

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