"Money for Nothing" is the 154th episode of Casualty and the second episode of the 10th series.


A couple are planning to sell their farm, but the husband's dimwitted brother is determined to hold on to it. After causing an accident, which contaminates a school's water supply, he takes an inspector hostage in the hay loft and causes him to be impaled on some farm machinery. After taking him to hospital, the couple decide to keep the farm but are unaware the brother has set fire to a barn for the insurance and become caught in the inferno. A woman who tripped in the street accuses Daniel of stealing her ring, but Charlie and Baz learn her husband swapped it for a fake some time ago and she admits to having faked the theft. A man who collapsed at works admits he has AIDS and is debating whether to cash in his life insurance. Baz takes the post and arranges to meet up with Charlie. Both Matt and Daniel show an interest in new radiographer Angie, who arranges to meet them both at the same time.

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