Mie Nishi-Kawa (born 1970/1971)[1] is a receptionist who worked in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital from 1993 to 1994. She initially worked in the admin department of the hospital, but was transferred down to the ED temporarily in September 1993 when Norma began acting strangely on-shift.[2] She soon took on the permanent role in the ED when Norma left the following month.[3] She left the department in February 1994 to move back to Japan.[4]

Early lifeEdit

Mie has origins in Japan. She likely began working at Holby City Hospital in the early 1990s in administration as a typist. Although trained in handling patient data and processing it, she had never had experience working on the front line and dealing with patients face-to-face.[2]

Time in the emergency department (1993-94)Edit

In September 1993, Mie was called down from the admin department to be the temporary receptionist for the day after Norma was sent home for acting strangely. However, she soon revealed to Charlie that she'd had no experience of dealing with patients before; despite this, she had partially been brought down to the ED to keep an eye on Norma.[2] The following week, Norma was still off sick and Mie was called in for another shift.[5]

In October, an elderly patient reacted badly to Mie and grabbed her arm as she was trying to collect his details. It transpired that he was a Japanese prisoner of war, hence why he reacted badly to seeing her. On the same day, Norma had a clash with Mark and was also making it clear she was unhappy about Mie being there.[6] A few weeks later, Norma resigned, leaving Mie to fill the vacant permanent receptionist post.[3]

In January 1994, Ash attempted to impress Mie by cooking her an Oriental dish, but only Frankie could bear to eat the result. Nevertheless, they continued to date.[7] The following week, Mie told Ash that she couldn't move in with him because her uncle feared that she was becoming too westernised and that her parents wanted her to move back to Japan.[8]

In February, both Mie and Ash turned up for work late after their alarm clock didn't go off and they worried that people would realise they were in a relationship.[9] Their relationship ended later that month when Mie decided to go back to Japan to be with her parents.[4]

Behind the scenesEdit

Naoko Mori portrayed Mie for a total of 23 episodes of Casualty from 1993 to 1994, during the 8th series of the show. Following her time on Casualty, Mori went on to appear in TV shows such as Doctor Who, Private Practice and Midsomer Murders. In 2015 she landed a role in the biographical adventure film Everest.


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