Michael Hall is the Deputy Director of Operations for Unscheduled Care at Holby General Hospital.


In the afternoon of 27 February 2016, Michael Hall made a visit to the ED following the death of agency nurse Diane Stuart earlier that day. He was persistent on speaking to Lofty and Dylan, and he annoyed Rita by implying that one of her team was responsible. Upon holding a meeting with Lofty and Rita in the afternoon, Michael was still trying to shift the blame onto Lofty. He eventually admitted his possible error after realising he couldn't live with the guilt if it was his fault.[1] He was present the following month at Lofty's hearing, despite the fact Lofty didn't turn up.[2]

Behind the scenes

Robert Perkins portrayed Michael Hall for two episodes of Casualty in 2016. He was credited in both as simply "Mr Hall". In his second appearance, he appears with no lines.


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