"Meltdown" is the 593rd episode of Casualty and the 3rd episode of the 22nd series.


Selena and Nathan's baby is recovering in the ED,Angel, has been off the ventilator for the past day. Meanwhile a young mother breaks into a house in order to get her baby but the grandmother confronts her on her escape and she suffers a head injury as the mother escapes. The mother is pursued by the father and when she hides, the baby starts screaming she covers his mouth and nose to keep him quiet and hides him in a cement mixer. She then beats the father after he tries to tackle her, he is rendered unconscious.

Meanwhile new consultant, Adam Trueman is out for a run when he sees the young mother about to commit suicide off the bridge. He successfully manages to talk her out of it by telling her how she would regret it. Meanwhile the daughter of one of Guppy's patients who died is desperate to speak to him but he gives her the cold shoulder and demands that Alice deals with it, much to Charlie's disgust. Nathan baby's heart keeps stopping so she is put back onto the ventilator, in order to take the strain off of the premature babys heart. The doctors suggest taking her off the machine after all of her organs are failing after getting an e coli infection. Guppy makes a serious mistake after missing treatment steps in a boys dislocated ankle, while Ruth had told him what had to be done previously. The psychotic mother escapes after Guppy confronts the grieving daughter. The witness to the attempted suicide that Adam attended turns out to be a reporter trying to get an inside scoop by using Adam. Guppy hands in his hospital pass saying that he is unfit to practice.

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