Megan Roach (died 7 August 2010)[1] was a State Enrolled nurse in the Emergency department of Holby City Hospital from 1986 to 1990.

Time in the emergency department (1986-90)Edit

Megan was a motherly figure of the ED. Irish and in her late forties, she was one of the most experienced members of staff, but the least technically qualified. As an SEN, or 'greenie', Megan was not eligible for promotion and was the person who had to do all the department's dirty work.

Megan was married to taxi driver Ted. He moved to Cheltenham to take a job where he could earn more, but the distance caused their marriage to collapse.[2] Megan had not even felt able to confide in Ted when she was diagnosed with cervical cancer and underwent a hysterectomy.[3] The stress of her marriage breakdown caused Megan to become hooked on valium, but she managed to get her addiction under control when Charlie caught her taking the medication from the ED's stores.[4] Charlie also provided a shoulder to cry on when Ted died of a heart attack.[5]

Megan began to date social worker Tony, who asked her to move to Manchester with him - but she was shocked to learn that he was already married![6] After she and Charlie were taken hostage by an armed man Megan decided to leave the ED, although she never made it clear where she was going.[7] When she returned to Holby for Charlie's wedding she was happy, single and managing a health farm.[8][9]

Megan once again returned to Holby when she was diagnosed with terminal cancer.[10] Knowing that she would end her life in excruciating pain Megan asked her old friend Charlie to help her commit suicide. Charlie was uncertain about what to do but eventually decided that, with some help from Tess, he would carry out Megan's last request.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

Brenda Fricker played Megan Roach in Casualty as a regular from 1986 to 1990, then for guest appearances in 1998, 2007 and finally 2010 which involved her death.


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