"Love Over Gold - Part One" is the 253rd episode of Casualty and the 27th episode of the 13th series.


Sean and Chloe treat Julie, a young woman with an ectopic pregnancy. Charlie shows a journalist, Helen, around the department and denies knowledge of a closure. Max speaks to George about the Broadway job but she leaves to collect Tom before he can finish speaking. A teenager, Evan, is planning to go poaching and his younger brother Dominic helps him get things ready. Dominic injures his hand and their father, Bob, takes him to hospital. On their return, they run into the gamekeeper, Bowden, who warns them off. Brothers Gil and Conor and their friend Eric are robbing a bank, aided by Gil's girlfriend Kay, who is a cashier. Everything goes smoothly until a new customer, Derek, refuses to obey instructions. Eric opens fire wildly, injuring both Derek and Conor, and most of the hostages flee in the confusion. Conor's girlfriend Tilly, who was meant to be their getaway driver, drives off in a panic and crashes into a florist's. George goes in to help the injured; cashier Rhonda and young couple Paul and Sarah are still held hostage. The police surround the bank and Gil releases Derek in exchange for medical supplies but takes Josh hostage instead. He later releases Sarah, who has a heart condition, in return for being allowed to leave with the hostages in an ambulance. En route, Eric is thrown out the back of the vehicle. Sean asks Tina to move in with him and she agrees. The robbers and their hostages head into the woods where Bowden and his men are laying a trap for the poachers. Gil points his gun at George and Paul when they argue with him. Conor points his gun at Gil.