Linda Andrews is a nurse who worked in the Emergency Department of Holby City Hospital from 2011 to 2013. Upon her arrival in the ED, she took the role of Clinical Nurse Manager, but later handed the role back to Tess that same year.

She became good friends with Zoe Hanna during her time in the ED. Robyn Miller shadowed her when she was initially training in 2013.

Early lifeEdit

In 1998, Linda was in her youth enjoying nights out with her good friend Jessica Harrison. However, she soon left to go and travel around America but gave Jessica a pebble which she told her would be her lucky charm if she found herself in trouble.

In January 2010, Linda went to visit Jessica in hospital following her car accident which surprised Jessica as she believed Linda was still in America. Jessica confessed to Linda that she was finding it hard to work and live with Adam when he reminded her so much of their son Harry who died in the car accident. However, when Linda jokingly suggested that she should move to the US with her, she was surprised when Jessica agreed. They moved away together and Jessica said goodbye to Adam.

Time in the Emergency Department (2011-13)Edit

In June 2011 Linda joined the department after her return to the UK. She was hired to replace Tess following her resignation as Clinical Nurse Manager. In the following weeks, Tess clashed with Linda over her management style. Later, Linda misjudged a grieving patient whom she thought was faking illness for attention, but only later realised that he was seriously ill.

In August, Linda was attacked by two drug addicts. In October, Linda blamed Nick Jordan after a woman was beaten up, something which could have been prevented if he hadn't closed the drugs clinic.

In January 2012, Linda was forced to bring her niece and nephew, Britney and Joe into work with her but they ended up causing chaos when they tried to abduct a baby just to get back at her. Just when she thought it couldn't get any worse, she found out that her sister Denise had been arrested and the kids may have to be taken into care. The following week she took over their care. She later put them in foster care, but Britney ran away from the foster home in February which caused Linda to rethink her decision.

In March, Linda enjoyed a night out with Zoe but they were quickly sobered when they encountered a teenage girl in need of help. In April, Linda was preparing for family court but Britney came into the ED and tried to get her in trouble by stealing from a patient. Zoe eventually made Britney realise that living with Linda might be a good option.

In June just as Linda thought she was making progress with Britney and Joe, she was forced to bring Britney into work with her after she was suspended. She later defied Linda's band on using the hospital wifi, and got the password off of Lenny. However, Lenny discovered that Britney had been chatting with a stranger on an online chatroom. He chased her out of the ED but she got in the car with the stranger anyway, who turned out to be a middle aged man, not 19 as he had told her online. He informed Linda and they managed to track down the apartment block where he had taken her. They tried finding her by knocking on doors but were unsuccessful. Meanwhile Britney was the subject of a photoshoot organised by the man, who she soon discovered was a paedophile from newspaper clippings she found. She was able to hit him and escape where she ran across the car park to see Linda who was just about to drive off with Lenny. The man was hit by a speeding car and Lenny was forced to perform an emergency tracheotomy, before they requested he be sent to St. James Hospital.

In September, Linda helped her sister Denise get a job at the ED as a cleaner. However she left the following month to Linda's delight, as she had started to get on her nerves.

In January 2013, four new student nurses arrived in the ED, and Linda was given Robyn Miller to mentor. In June, she chose to leave the department.


  • Arrived on 4 June 2011.
  • Originally appeared whilst Jessica was in a coma. Once Jessica recovered, they went off on a Thelma and Louise style adventure.
  • Linda reappeared back in Holby Hospital when Charlie was looking for a locum nurse.
  • She was appointed the new Clinical Nurse Manager, but she hated the bureaucracy and handed the job back to Tess.

Behind the scenesEdit

Christine Tremarco portrayed Linda in Casualty between 2011 and 2013 as a regular character on the show. Her first ever appearance was in the 2010 episode "Leave Me Alone" as a guest character.

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