"Lifelines" is the 21st episode of Casualty and the 6th episode of the 2nd series. It was preceded by "Anaconda" and followed by "The Raid". The episode was directed by Sharon Miller and written by Jeremy Brock.


A group of cavers, Maggie, Guy, Bill and their leader, Jonno, go potholing in underground caves. Maggie suffers an epileptic fit while climbing a rope. She struggles and causes a rock to fall on Jonno. Bill calls for rescue, they take Jonno our first, who suffers a broken femur. Charlie is called out to rescue Maggie, and her boyfriend, Guy, who is very uptight. Charlie falls down a crevice, but is saved from any major injury. Outside Ponting waits for them, with a fellow caver, who tells him anecdotes of people who have died – he gets annoyed and shouts at him.

Richard Huggins come in with a head injury, which Duffy deals with. He is unhappy with the service. First Kuba accidentally bumps into him and then finds his wallet is missing and accuses Kuba, as he is foreign. The police are called and take statements. Kuba is upset, till later Richard comes in and says his wallet was found in a taxi – he doesn't apologise properly.

A drunk man with a broken arm causes a disturbance, especially in the x-ray room, where the alarm is set off.

An Asian woman is brought in by her neighbour, Mr Khan, after suffering a miscarriage, which Mary believes was self induced. Six of her family come in, and Mary tells them the news.

Mary is unhappy about Duffy's work as Acting Sister, and Duffy feels uneasy, they talk about it, finally, after lots of sniping during the shift, and Mary tells Charlie, that she was 'brilliant'. Ewart argues with Elizabeth about hospital security, later on she plucks up the courage to ask him out for dinner, he accepts. Susie's modelling snaps are used without her consent, and Cyril copies them and sends them to the staff for a laugh – Susie is not happy with him, or Leon (the photographer) either, and rings him up in the night to threaten him.

It's Ponting's final shift, as he goes to the Staff Room, he finds the staff have a surprise party for him. They sing, shower him with streamers and give him a tankard as a present.

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