Kuba Trzcinski is a porter who worked in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital from 1986 to 1988. He was Polish and spoke strangled formal English with a strong accent.

Time in the emergency department (1986-88)Edit

Kuba's haven was the porter’s lodge where he hoarded ‘borrowed’ equipment from other wards, patient’s flowers and the equipment needed to make the special Polish tea. He liked to watch videos of the Royal Family, to dance, sing and rehearse little speeches to the various ladies he admired and sometimes shyly approached.

In September 1986, Kuba helped to identify a toxic substance by its smell of garlic after toxic drums fell on workers at the Holby docks. This helped to save the workers whose lives were threatened.[1]

In mid December, rumours were circulating around the department of Baz’s abortion. When Kuba found out, he went to see Baz with a bunch of flowers and told her he was sorry she had lost her baby; Charlie was shocked, as he didn’t know.[2]

After witnessing and stopping an assault on his way to work, Kuba was threatened outside the department the following week. Ewart invited Kuba to spend New Year with him for his own safety. [3]

In the New Year, Kuba continued to poach items from other departments and after being told off by Ewart for stealing blankets, he threatened to resign. After being left a bundle of blankets by Ewart as a gift, he changed his mind.[4] By the end of 1988, Valerie told Charlie that savings had to be made in the department and Kuba faced being sacked.[5] His fears were realised and he left in November 1988.

Behind the scenesEdit

Christopher Rozycki portrayed Kuba Trzcinski in Casualty from the first episode in 1986 to 1988. Kuba was originally meant to be Hungarian but his nationality was changed to Polish to match that of Christopher Rozycki.


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