Kirsty Clements is a staff nurse who worked in the Emergency Department of Holby General Hospital from 2010 to 2011.

Time in the Emergency Department (2010-11)Edit

After a challenging upbringing, Kirsty studied hard to become a highly trained and skilled Mental Health Nurse, though due to her sick, abusive husband & her childhood sweetheart, Warren - and their teenage daughter Nita, with whom Kirsty became pregnant with aged 16, she is often late for shifts and is somewhat a maverick, believing strongly in bending the rules and going the extra mile to help a patient if it makes a difference to them when they leave the ED, leading to clashes with her more traditionalist boss Tess Bateman in series 24.

In series 25, Kirsty helps Simone Lewis, a patient left severely traumatised and with Conversion disorder by the Holby College shooting, recover, despite threats from her infuriated mother. Kirsty later grows closer to consultant, Adam Trueman as the troublesome nature of her relationship with Warren is slowly revealed. In the seventh episode of series 25, Adam invites Kirsty out for a drink, impressed by her role in the Simone Lewis case. The pair become drunk on tequila shots and with their attraction undeniable, she throws herself upon him in the pub toilets, but he rebuffs her, pointing out that this is uncharacteristic behaviour. Embarrassed, she flees, arriving home to find Warren waiting with her mobile phone that she left behind in an attempt to escape his phone calls. He throws the phone across the room and it shatters, a hint of the violent behaviour to come.

In episode nine, Kirsty has trouble sleeping, and eventually takes diazapam in an attempt to get some rest. However, she is quickly woken by a phonecall from work - she has her shifts mixed up, and is already due in. Bruising can be seen on her back as she gets dressed and rushes to work. The drugs take effect during her shift and barely able to keep her eyes open, she tricks Adam into prescribing Ritalin to counteract the effects. However, she reacts badly to this cocktail of drugs and collapses in the shower, leaving Adam and Mads forced to secretly defibrillate her heart. Later, a concerned Adam holds Kirsty's hand as she finally drifts off to sleep in the on-call room, but her sleep is soon disrupted as Warren arrives to take her home. Back in her own bed, Warren watches over her as, despite being exhausted, she again lies wide awake. In episode eleven, Adam notices bruises on Kirsty's arms. Kirsty returns home mid-shift to check on Warren, who at this points seems to be suffering from myalgic encephalomyelitis leaving him unable to work, and it appears the bruises come from helping her husband stand up. However, when she tries to go back to work, Warren steals and hides her car keys. Frustrated, she borrows Adam's car to take Nita to school. Again their attraction to each other is strong but the moment ends abruptly when Adam raises his voice at Kirsty in jest and she breaks down, seemingly frightened.

In episode thirteen, Kirsty is thrown into panic as Warren and Nita are involved in a car crash. Both come out with only superficial injuries, but Warren becomes aware of the tension between Kirsty and Adam, especially when Nita recognises him as the owner of the car Kirsty borrowed to pick her up from school. Uncomfortable, Adam shies away from further intimacy with Kirsty. In episode sixteen, Warren arrives in the ED having fainted. Nita later tells Kirsty that before his faint he had been smashing up Kirsty's things. Adam comforts a tearful Kirsty and they share a kiss. Later, however, Warren is diagnosed with Muscular dystrophy. Kirsty is torn between her feelings and her duty, and resolves that she must stand by Warren to look after him as he becomes more ill, telling Adam that nothing more can happen between them. Back at home, Warren discovers an apologetic text sent to Adam on Kirsty's phone and subjects her to a violent beating. In episode seventeen, a bruised and unhappy Kirsty rejects her colleague's sympathy and kind words over Warren's diagnosis. She is particularly awkward with Adam after their previous talk, and struggles to work with him on a professional level, ignoring his every attempt to help her out throughout the shift. She eventually softens when he offers her a lift home. Back home, she smiles as she secretly opens her Christmas gift from Adam.

In episode nineteen, Kirsty tries to put on a brave face following Warren's latest beating. Adam is concerned but she refuses to tell him the real reason for her aching back, blaming the pain on a tussle with Nita. In increasing pain, she suspects possible fractures and secretly arranges to have a X-ray taken. Adam discovers the results first, however, and confronts Kirsty about Warren's abuse. She admits the truth and reluctantly lets Adam examine her injuries - including several broken ribs - struggling to keep up her strong front as the true extent of her bruising is revealed. Later, Warren arrives at the ED with flowers for Kirsty, who is busy treating a patient. Adam takes the flowers and there is a great deal of tension between the two men as Adam hints that he knows what has been going on. Warren leaves without seeing Kirsty. Later, Adam warns Kirsty of Warren's visit and she panics, knowing that she can't be late home. Adam worries about her returning home, suggesting that Kirsty and Nita should leave Warren that night and come and stay with him, but for Kirsty there is no choice and she returns home, late, where an angry and suspicious Warren waits alone for her. In the street outside their home, we hear the thuds, shouts and screams as Kirsty suffers another beating from her husband.

Later on in the series, Warren buys Kirsty a pair of bowling shoes for their wedding anniversary and suggests they go bowling like they used to when they were teenagers. Kirsty agrees and calls in sick to work but their day out turns sour when a worried Adam calls to check up on Kirsty. They return home and tension mounts when Adam turns up at the front door, warning Kirsty that Warren will "cross the line". Warren is furious, and terrified of what is coming sends Nita upstairs where distraught, she listens to her father beat her mother. Bleeding heavily, Kirsty flees to Adam's house; Warren has crossed the line. The next morning, Adam checks the spare room to find Kirsty has gone. She has returned home where she lies awake next to Nita, planning to leave Warren for good. She digs out hers and Nita's passports but is forced to hide them in the bookshelf when Warren comes downstairs and forces her to promise never to leave him again. Kirsty falsely promises and goes to work as normal, planning to return to pack their things and leave that afternoon, when Warren has a physiotherapy appointment. Knowing she has to wait for Warren to leave, she hangs around, subtly saying goodbye to her colleagues, complimenting Tess, hugging Jay for a little too long and slipping a note (reading "Thank you, I could never have done it without you x") into Adam's pocket. Later, she hits her head on the monitor, opening up her wound from the previous night. Tess insists she go home. She rings Nita to tell her to prepare to go, but Adam overhears the phone call and confronts her; they say an emotional goodbye. Kirsty returns home to pack but is terrified when she finds the passports have been found by Warren, who returns home and catches her packing. She takes the beating. Adam receives a phone call from Kirsty, but when he picks up a vicious Warren is on the other end. He rushes over, fearing the worst, to find Kirsty alive but Warren in a deep coma at the bottom of the stairs with Nita at his side.

Three weeks later, Warren comes round. His mother is visiting and reveals to Kirsty that she has known about the abuse all along, but tells Kirsty she must stay with her husband because he is "a good man". She retorts that "good men don't beat their wives." Warren's mother sees Adam comforting Kirsty and jumps to conclusions before telling Warren that Kirsty is having an affair. Warren then goes missing from his bed and is eventually discovered close to collapse in the toilets by Kirsty. She rushes to help him but he verbally assaults her and punches her in the face. This is the final straw and she finally finds the strength to leave, leaving him collapsed. Outside with Nita, she is oblivious Warren is found with a massive DVT and dies, unable to be resuscitated by the team. Adam catches Nita and Kirsty as they are about to leave and delivers the news.

The new joint clinical lead, Miriam Turner, was the doctor who treated Kirsty's daughter Nita when she was born. After discovering Warren's first attack on Kirsty, Miriam warned Kirsty to leave Warren as he will attack her again. Upon her return to the ED, Miriam asks Kirsty if she ever did leave Warren to which Kirsty tells her about how the violence got worse but he died weeks before. She tells Kirsty that at least he can't hurt her anymore. Kirsty then leaves the ED and is last seen driving into Wales with Nita before throwing her wedding ring into the sea.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Lucy Gaskell played Kirsty Clements on Casualty between 2010 and 2011.

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