"Kill Or Cure" is the 111th episode of Casualty and the seventh episode of the 8th series. Jaye Griffiths guest starred in this episode, and later went on to portray consultant Elle Gardner from 2016.


A girl who is worried about her divorced parents arguing has a severe asthma attack while doing gymnastics. Karen helps her tell her father she doesn't want to do gymnastics anymore. A stripper on his first day suffers burns when he bumps into a waiter during a routine at a restaurant and the oil on his body catches alight, meaning his wife finds out what his new job really is. A businessman who is being bullied by his girlfriend goes on a parachute jump; he crashes into some trees and removes his harness, falling twenty feet. Despite breaking his neck and spine and being left paralysed, he breaks up with his girlfriend. Mark orders Mike and Charlie to tell Ken he no longer has a job. Ken makes his peace with Ash but leaves before Duffy can give him a bottle of whiskey as a farewell present.