Kathleen "Dixie" Dixon (born 13 April)[1] is a former senior paramedic who worked for the Holby Ambulance Service. She joined the service in 2006,[2] and in 2007 took up the role of Operational Duty Manager before leaving the service in 2016.[3]

Dixie is larger than life. She doesn't care a jot what people think about her, and this openness wins her a lot of friends. She's straight talking to the point of bluntness and enjoys a practical joke. She’s also hot-headed and opinionated, and she will always fight for what’s right.

Before joining the paramedics, she tried her hand at being a classroom assistant, a kitchen hand on a cruise ship, and manager of a pub. But Dixie found her calling as a paramedic, where she provides the tough motherly love that you need in a crisis. But since Jeff’s death, and after being rejected for adoption, Dixie often feels that there is a hole in her life.

Dixie Facts:

  • Dixie was married to Jeff, despite being gay.
  • Dixie has a Labrador named Little Abs that Jeff gave to her.
  • Dixie tried to hide her homosexuality from her father, but he found out on his deathbed.


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