Karen O'Malley is a student nurse who worked in the Emergency department of Holby City Hospital from September to November 1987.

Time in the emergency department (1987)Edit

In September 1987, Charlie introduced Student Nurse Karen O’Malley to the team. Later at Susie’s flat warming party – they became close, making Cyril jealous.[1] When Cyril called for Karen in the morning to play squash, Charlie who had spent the night slipped out the back door.

As they played squash, a man in another court suffered a cardiac arrest. Cyril and Karen attempted to save him but couldn't revive him and he died. After her shift, Charlie took her to breakfast. She wss upset when he told her their night together was just a one-off, since he was on the rebound from Baz.[2]

In early October, Karen saw his first death – a man in CRASH with severe head and chest injuries. She was sick and cried, and the team comfort her.[3] Three weeks later, Cyril and Karen were both revising for their exams. Cyril believed it would be a breeze, but Karen was nervous. At the end of shift, the team gave her a lucky charm to wish her good luck in her exams.[4]

By early November, Karen has passed her exams with flying colours, but revealed her plans to quit nursing and head for London. Charlie told her she was doing the right thing, as it was too late for him. He said he would miss her and they kiss.[5] The following week, Charlie and Karen say their goodbyes, and Karen gave him her London phone number.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

Kate Hardie portrayed Karen O'Malley in Casualty from September to November 1987.


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