"Jump Start" is the 4th episode of the 1st series of Casualty. It was preceded by "Night Runners" and followed by "Blood Brothers". The episode was directed by Antonia Bird and written by Susan Wilkins.


Ewart is angry that Charlie has invited a Fleet Street journalist, Harry Horner, to write about the permanent night shift. Fed up being there, Harry gets drunk and is sick over the reception desk – the staff sober him up with a fully clothed shower.

After a motorway pile-up, involving two men, driver John and Andy, in a lorry, and a couple, Derek and Lindsay in a car. The men suffer minor injuries, but the couple both die. John blames himself. Surgical Registrar, Rupert Thalton, who Baz dislikes, is keen to take the organs from the woman. Baz breaks the bad news to Lindsay’s parents, who reveal she was pregnant.

Two Madonna-wannabees arrive in the department, one of them, Karen, has a bleeding nose from a DIY nose piercing job.

A young black teenager, Errol, comes in with his brother and friend. He seems drunk and has head injuries – but Baz discovers an extra-dural haematoma and must operate.

A chronically depressed woman, Mrs Farmer, is brought in by police. She reveals to Ewart that she has left her bed ridden father to die, as she hasn’t been back to her house in days.

And a young man, Gary, comes into the department making a fuss. Charlie thinks he’s a junkie, but he’s had a coronary. Kuba teaches Clive a lesson, by filling his whisky bottle with cold tea.

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