"Joy Ride" is the 70th episode of Casualty and the fifth episode of the sixth series.


Three teenagers, Hilton, Garth and Malcolm, the worse for drink, are joyriding in a stolen car, when they crash into a skip. Hilton is hurled through the windscreen and dies in CRASH. Malcolm suffers multiple injuries including head injuries and a dislocated foot. Garth has cuts to his face and tries to run away, fearing the police will blame him. Jimmy chases after him and persuades him to come back in and talk to the police.

A bride-to-be, Debbie, arrives with her work mate, after losing two fingers in a machine at an abattoir. She is sent up to theatre, hopeful that they will be stitched back on. Over keen Kelly gives her a tetanus jab, without doctor’s consent, leaving Duffy to reprimand her.

Beth cannot find anything wrong with a neurotic woman, Sylvia, who has previously come in to casualty with different symptoms. Charlie asks Trish to have a word with her, where she confesses her real problem is her husband’s need for sex. Trish suggest counselling.

Workaholic Cliff, is found by his brother, Brian, in the warehouse, after hot plastic has spilt in his eyes. He is nearly blinded, and Brian is angry that instead of worrying Cliff, it has just given him more work ideas.

A policeman finds a man, Robert Frost, in the street with a cut head. He has lost his memory. His wife, who is separated from him, comes in and Julian persuades her to visit him. However he may have killed someone – police report finding a pawnbrokers near where Robert was with a man inside who’d been stabbed.

Duffy reveals to Beth she is tired – not because of a weekend with her baby, but with her new man. Beth is worried about her negligence case and asks for more support from Julian.

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