Jimmy Powell is a porter who worked in the Emergency department of Holby City Hospital from 1989 to 1992.

Time in the emergency department (1989-92)Edit

After a criminal record for theft, being at Holby for 3 years was Jimmy’s longest time for having held down a job. He enjoyed meeting people – chatting up women and numerous nurses – however he became restless in his job. He even toyed with the idea of training to become a nurse, but his lack of confidence and willpower, made him drop the idea.

Jimmy was a mouthy northerner with a short attention span and an ambiguous relationship with the truth, although his heart was always in the right place. A quick and energetic porter, he loved the aspects of the job that allowed him to chat up women and date nurses.

With a criminal record Jimmy was on the list of suspects when he discovered a comic stabbed in the chest in a pub toilet, even though it was down to him that the man received medical treatment - he was later cleared.[1]

Jimmy asked Julie, the receptionist, out on a date – she accepted but regretted it when Jimmy became really drunk and frightened her – it took a whole shift before she accepted his apology.[2]

In December 1989, staff dealt with an explosion in the city centre – Jimmy was waiting with the dead bodies, when from under the sheets a mobile phone started ringing – he answered and told the worried wife, he would get her husband to call back.[3]

Jimmy had a new girlfriend in November 1990 who was a Student Nurse – she was brought in after a night of drink and drug taking. Jimmy was suspended after she lied to Julian that he stole drugs for her. She eventually told the truth and cleared Jimmy, although Charlie always knew he was innocent.[4]

During a shift in December 1990, Megan was held hostage by a schizophrenic man, James in CRASH. He asked for the porter to take out a dead body on a trolley and Charlie dressed up in Jimmy's uniform, but the plan backfired when Megan called Charlie’s name. Later Charlie was shot in the chest when he pushed the gunman's wife out of the line of fire. The team battle to save him.[5]

By December 1991, Jimmy revealed he was going to leave. He had been offered a job driving his friend’s van – but he couldn't drive. He asked the paramedics and other staff for driving lessons, but they all said no. His last shift was a busy one after an airliner crash landed at Holby Airport.[6]

Behind the scenesEdit

Robson Green portrayed Jimmy Powell in Casualty from 1989 until 1992.


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