Jeremy "Jez" Andrews (born March-December 1993)[1][2] is a paramedic who worked for the Holby Ambulance Service. He landed his first job as a paramedic with the ambulance service in March 2016, a month after qualifying.[1] He left the following year to go travelling.[3]

Cheeky, easy-going and full of banter, Jez is a fresh-faced, newly-qualified paramedic with bags of energy. Jez doesn’t take life too seriously, which means he gets on well with everybody and loves a good flirt. It’s just a shame that this enthusiasm isn’t always applied to his job... Like a distracted puppy, Jez can be difficult to control in a perilous situation, much to Iain’s frustration.

Jez is still a baby at heart, and has only just moved out of his Mum’s into the house with Robyn and Max. Still getting used to adult life, he is known to be immature, arrogant, messy and lazy, but this often just masks the fact that he is naïve and still has a lot to learn. Whether this reckless young lad can pull his socks up and become an adept paramedic remains to be seen, but his cool and collected head might turn out to be just what you need in an emergency situation...

Jez Facts:

  • Jez was born in 1993 – something he likes to rub in Iain’s ‘ancient’ face regularly.
  • Jez lived with Robyn and Max.
  • Jez installed a basketball hoop in the ambulance station.