Jack Diamond is a former receptionist who worked in the Emergency Department of Holby General Hospital from 2015 to 2016. His arrival just before Christmas gave him the perfect opportunity to spruce up the ED with decorations.[1] After his arrival, he was friendly to the rest of the staff and has made a generally good first impression on them, despite having annoyed Lofty and Dylan in the new year when he was organising an auction to raise money for the ED.[2]

In April 2016, Jack decided to leave the ED to pursue his dreams in the travel industry following a particularly bad shift.[3]

Time in the Emergency Department (2015-)Edit

A week after his arrival, he surprised Noel, his new manager, to the extent to which he would go to get the department in the Christmas spirit. However, the decorations were later taken down by Connie due to the fact that they weren't NHS regulation ones.[4]

In January 2016, he helped Noel and Big Mac with an auction for the ED being held at The Hope & Anchor. He had the idea to auction a date with Lofty and spent the day giving him a makeover. Although Dylan told Lofty just to tell Jack he didn't want the makeover, Lofty explained to him how hard it is to say no to him. However, when Lofty was unable to attend after all, Jacob stood in for him and ultimately Jack offered £200 and won the date, much to Jacob's disappointment.[2] Later in the month, Jack provided emotional support for Noel whilst he was being treated in the ED after he was beaten up in an attempted robbery.[5][6][7]

The following month, Jack assisted Noel in preparing a thank you gift for Big Mac, and they began by getting an article written about his heroic actions in a magazine. Around this time, Jack also picked up on the fact that Rita and Iain were dating.[8] In March, Jack and Louise became tired of Big Mac and Noel's constant hostility towards each other since Noel found out the truth, and they decided to lock them in the storage cupboard until they could put their differences aside.[9]

During a shift in April, several things went wrong for Jack including a patient covering him in blood, another vomiting on his shoes and Big Mac shouting at him. Whilst sitting at reception, he decided to look at a travel brochure and decided to leave and pursue his dreams of working in that type of job.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Alistair Brammer portrayed Jack on Casualty. He revealed on Twitter that he will be on Casualty for 6 months, but he made his final appearance on 23 April, which made it just under 5 months.


See also: Character appearances.

Jack made his first appearance in the series 30 episode "Maybe This Year" and made his final appearance later that series in "A Clear Conscience".


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