"If You Go Down to the Wards Today" is the 297th episode of Casualty and the 13th episode of the 15th series.


Max and Colette look after a private detective who fell off a ladder photographing a client's husband with another woman; he tells Spencer the other woman was his former wife and he is hoping to use the photo to get her to return his Elvis photos. A married woman, Ashley, receives a visit from Pamela, the wife of one of her husband Declan's colleagues, then collapses with stomach pains. In hospital, she admits to having liposuction. Colette recognises Declan; they had an affair which she ended when she found out he was married and he is now having an affair with Pam. Declan explains the affairs started after Ashley had a miscarriage but decides to end them and make a go with Ashley. Chloe and Barney interview for the E grade post; afterwards, Charlie tells Chloe she has the job and also books a flight to Canada. Teenager Lenny tries to get another boy, Bobby, to sell ecstasy for him but both Bobby and Lenny's girlfriend Eliza are disgusted. A scuffle causes Bobby to have a sickle cell crisis and Eliza accompanies him to hospital, taking the drugs with her. Holly is taking a group of schoolchildren on a tour of the department and Eliza hides the drugs in a teddy left unattended. Lenny turns up and threatens Bobby until Eliza tells him where the drugs are but is caught with them by the police. The bear's head is ripped off in the confusion and Patrick stages a mock operation to reattach it with anaesthetist Tom Harvey and Holly acting as nurse. However, he fails to charm the group's teacher who turns out to be engaged.