"Hooked" is the 26th episode of Casualty and the 11th episode of the 2nd series. It was preceded by "Rock-a-Bye-Baby" and followed by "Fun Night". The episode was directed by Michael Brayshaw and written by Billy Hamon.

Synopsis Edit

Peter Tranter breaks the news to Duffy that he is HIV Positive, after his ex-girlfriend revealed she has Aids. Duffy is angry and upset. Later he leaves a note for her with Susie, saying he has gone away. Duffy confides in Mary, and is persuaded to take a blood test, for her own piece of mind. Ted decides to move to Cheltenham, where he will have a minicab partnership with his cousin, Megan is angry she was not consulted first.

Charlie is at the launderette, where he notices a couple getting married over the road. As he gets in to his new Land Rover that he bought – it doesn’t start. He gets people to push it into work, much to Kuba and Cyril’s amusement.

A male transvestite, ‘Carla’ poses as a prostitute and picks up two double glazing salesmen, Ken and Roy. He kisses one of them in a car, but runs off after they discover he’s a man. The salesman go into A&E, where they demand a blood test – Duffy yells at them for wasting her time, and tells them they can’t catch Aids from kissing. ‘Carla’s’ next customer is an old man, who still lives with his Mum. He has a heart attack and ‘she’ takes him to hospital. The salesman recognise ‘Carla’ and attack him in the toilets, leaving him with a cut face from the glass.

A religious fanatic, who keeps singing hymns, Albert, comes in – his penis is swollen. He is taken to the Obs ward, where he awaits a circumcision.

A couple are brought in after a car crash, and after being sent to CRASH, are certified dead. Charlie recognise them as the couple he saw getting married earlier in the morning.

And two drunks come in after a fight about boxing. After being stitched up one of the punches the other, Seamus, again – so he needs more stitches – as he goes to leave again, his nose bangs into the door.

Megan and Ted go ahead with their 25th wedding anniversary party, which the staff attend. Elizabeth turns up surprisingly, after an argument with Ewart. They make up and she invites him to meet her daughter. Charlie is depressed and upstairs with Keith’s new baby daughter, he tells Mary he didn’t get the job in London and he misses Karen.

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