"Hide and Seek" is the 2nd episode of the 1st series of Casualty. It was preceded by the pilot episode, "Gas", and followed by "Night Runners". The episode was directed by Frank W. Smith and written by Paul Unwin and Jeremy Brock.


A young girl, Jackie, phones for an ambulance, after her step sister, Debbie, falls from a bridge, near a railway line. She suffers head injuries, and needs an operation with consent, but the team find it hard getting Jackie to speak. Eventually she tells Clive.

A woman, Ruth White, turns up in Reception with a baby – Susie says she looks odd. Ruth overhears and heads for the toilets, with a pair of scissors. It turns out she snatched the baby earlier from it's mother, and she threatens to stab the baby. Baz tries to handle the situation calmly, but the baby is already dead.

Megan criticises Baz for allowing a pregnant mother who wants her baby induced for convenience, to be admitted. A man, Jonathan, is relieved to find that his pains are muscle spasms, not a heart attack that he first feared. But he is afraid his friend, Richard, will make fun of him, so Charlie gives him a fake prescription.

A DHSS Inspector catches the team unaware, as he arrives for a visit – he is not impressed – he is left alone with Kuba, who reveals bad stories about the hospital. Ewart's wife, Roz, arrives at the end of shift – she has brought a suitcase of his belongings – their marriage his over.

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