Hazel Leyton (born 1970/1971)[1] is the girlfriend of Brian Carroll, Dylan Keogh's father.


In August 2015, she was admitted to the ED alongside Brian following a lorry crash. Once there, it soon transpired that Hazel was pregnant.[2]

In May 2016, Brian injured his hand whilst breaking his car window to get to their baby daughter Rihanna whom he had accidentally locked inside the car. Hazel arrived in the ED shortly after and tried to convince Dylan that Brian had changed his ways but he failed to believe her. Despite apologising, Dylan still wasn't convinced and later confronted him outside the ED after he caught Brian smoking when he'd been diagnosed with a lung condition. Hazel later told Dylan that he would always be welcome to be part of their family if he wanted.[3]

In June, Hazel once again visited the ED, this time with Rihanna after she suspected that she was unwell. Although she requested to have Dylan treat her, Ethan took over due to the fact Dylan was a relative. When Rihanna started to suffer breathing difficulties Dylan instantly intervened and Hazel admitted that Brian still smoked outside. It eventually transpired that smoking was unrelated to Rihanna's illness, but Dylan explained to Hazel that it wasn't his choice to be abandoned by his father, and therefore he shouldn't be the one to make the effort.[4]

The following month, a fire started at Brian and Hazel's house as a result of a stray cigarette which Brian tried to throw out of the window. Hazel and Rihanna managed to get out onto a ledge upstairs and just after the paramedics arrived, Hazel dropped Rihanna as a result of an explosion but Jez caught her. Eventually Dylan managed to unravel the truth, which resulted in Brian informing him that he would be leaving town as he would never change. Dylan later went to visit Hazel and agreed to support her now that Brian wasn't around.[1]

Behind the scenes

Vicky Hall portrayed Hazel Leyton for one episode of Casualty in August 2015. She reprised her role for further episodes in 2016.


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