Gregory "Greg" Fallon is a paramedic who worked for the Holby Ambulance Service from 2006 to 2008.

Greg’s an outdoor boy who loves nature and is into extreme sports. He won’t take any nonsense from people he doesn’t respect – although he can be charming and generous with those he does. Greg’s generally an open person, but is secretive about why he became a paramedic.

Time with the Ambulance Service (2006-08)Edit

Greg is late for work on his first shift and has his dog, Grub, in tow. Nina is unimpressed when she realises that he is late because he couldn’t find anyone to look after his dog, and has brought her to work with him. She tries to find out about Greg’s background but he gives little away. However Nina and Josh are both impressed when Greg manages to calm a runaway horse at the scene of an accident. Greg also befriends a young joyrider whose mother dies.

Later in 2006, Kelsey starts a rumour that Greg is gay when she sees him wearing mascara, and she and Nina make it their mission to find out. Greg guesses what they are up to and to prove he is straight he spins Nina around and kisses her playfully on the lips. Abs looks on, jealous. Nina later holds a house party without Abs’ knowledge which leads to a fight between the couple. Nina tries to turn her attention to Greg, who rebuffs her. Nina tells Abs that their relationship is over and he gets the wrong impression when he sees Greg comforting her.

Following the recent arrival of paramedics Cyd and Dixie, Greg gets a chance to bond with Cyd when they are partnered together, though Greg is seemingly coy about his past. Shortly after, the animosity between Greg and Abs clears when Greg makes a peace offering (hash given to him by a patient) however when Tess finds it on him, the pair join forces to get themselves out of trouble. Greg is later involved following recent tragedy, and Greg and other staff members head to the coast but their day doesn’t go quite according to plan when they are involved in a sea rescue. Greg confides in Cyd about his close friend who died but when she tries to kiss him in the staff room later, he backs off.

Cyd’s loyalties are later torn when Greg and Dixie reveal they are both applying for Josh’s job. And Greg looks put out when Dixie announces she’s got the job, and proceeds to brag about it. Abs later notices the attraction between Greg and Cyd and tells Greg he should make a move. Greg tells him he’s not long out of an intense relationship but Abs tells him he should move on. Having been roped into a testicular cancer project for students, Greg, wearing just his boxers, plucks up the courage to ask Cyd out and they kiss. Dixie later looks put out when Greg kisses Cyd infront of her and announces they are having a night in together.

Behind the scenesEdit

Kip Gamblin played Greg Fallon in Casualty from 2006 until 2008.

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