"Gas" is the premiere of the 1st series of Casualty. It was followed by "Hide and Seek". This episode introduced a number of cast members who would be in the show for years to come, however only Charlie Fairhead and Lisa "Duffy" Duffin, played by Derek Thompson and Cathy Shipton, respectively, are still in the show today.


At the Holby Docks, a drum of toxic gas falls on two dockers – one dies and the other suffers a badly burnt leg. Other workers are also poisoned. The team try to identify the substance – Kuba recognises the symptoms from a previous case, because of it’s smell of garlic. At the end of shift the staff congratulate him for saving lives and give him a bunch of flowers, as his were stolen.

Duffy advises a young girl, Sophie, to drink milk after drinking car fluid from her fathers garage. The girl’s mum is interfering and scares Sophie, telling her that ‘nurse has got a needle.’

A stubborn man is being treated by Charlie after being hit on the head with a golf ball. He is not happy with his treatment and says he will complain to Charlie’s boss. Charlie tells the man that he’s his own boss. The man then annoys Baz who pretends that the man has something wrong with him for a joke. When he demands an apology, she tells him to shut up.

Ewart and Susie also have trouble with a regular drunk in the department.

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