Frankie Drummer is a porter who worked in the Emergency department at Holby City Hospital from 1993 to 1994. Frankie moved to Holby with his wife and children after losing his job as a manual worker.

Time in the emergency department (1993-94)

Frankie was a well liked character although his sense of humour and strong opinions didn't always sit well with others. Despite this, he had a kind and caring nature and often helped to break up fights in the department. He presented Jane with a plant for her new office in December when she became General Manager, despite the other staff being unimpressed with her.[1]

On Boxing Day, Charlie snapped angrily at Frankie throughout the shift, but later Frankie came to his rescue, performing the Heimlich manoeuvre when Charlie was choking on some bread. Charlie thanks Frankie for saving him.[2] In February, Frankie arranged a snail race to raise money to fund extra nurses for the department.[3]

Behind the scenes

Steven O'Donnell portrayed Frankie Drummer on Casualty from 1993 until 1994.


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