"Facing Up" is the 78th episode of Casualty and the 13th episode of the 6th series.


A young boy, Stewart Byron, finds his father’s loaded revolver and shoots his grandmother, Mona. She later dies from a ruptured aorta. His father, Phil, feels guilty, and his wife, Alice also blames him. She goes to see her mother in the mortuary.

Paramedics, Josh and Jane, have trouble enticing a mentally ill man, Maurice, into the ambulance, who has spilt hot fat over his back. He has a condition where he finds getting through doors hard. Duffy tells him off for the way he treats his long suffering daughter, Lorraine, who reveals she’s getting married.

A retired gardener, Eddie Gash, dislocates his jaw, when a rival gardener, Duncan Frain, suspects him of ruining his prize leeks and pushes him, knocking his chin on a table. Hoban, a doctor, puts it back into place and Charlie tries to get them to make up when Eddie reveals he is to blame for the crop damage. They make it to the car, when they start arguing again – and he again dislocates his jaw.

Trish is pushed into a filing cabinet in her office by an angry client, Mrs Chassnee, who she is unable to help. She says she won’t report the incident. Charlie gives her stitches and she has a moan on how she dislikes people’s hatred for her job. She asks Charlie to be with her, but he says he must work, which upsets her.

Beth has an interview for a GP job, she tells Duffy it looks hopeful and she liked the atmosphere. Julian is not happy about not receiving a memo about a new Trauma Service Manager, he feels undermined in his job. Ash has a visit from his sister, Francis, who’s had a row with their mother, about her mother’s new boyfriend, Danny. Ash gets her to ring her and they make up with a promise she can decorate her bedroom and have driving lessons. She gives Jimmy a photo of Ash as a child, and reveals his old nickname ‘Chunky’. Jimmy pins it on the wall and makes fun of him – Ash tickles him.

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