Ethan Hardy (born Michael Hardy; 28 November 1986)[1] is a consultant who started working in the emergency department of Holby City Hospital in 2014.[2] The week after he joined, his brother Caleb Knight also started working in the department.[3] In the following weeks, they clashed frequently at work, and even had a stern talking to from Zoe Hanna when they began arguing in front of patients.[4]

It is with great attention to detail and a cheeky grin that Ethan treats his patients. He is always there when you need him, equipped with a sympathetic witty comment and a coy sparkle in his eye. Ethan is easy to laugh with and relies on his natural charm to avoid any confrontation.

Although Ethan charms many, he fails when it comes to women - a flaw made all the more apparent next to his smooth-talking fast-moving brother, Cal. Constantly feeling in the shadow of his brother, Ethan studied hard to become the excellent doctor that he is – so a lifetime of frustration was re-established when Cal walked into the ED. Despite this, Ethan thrives as a doctor, and is always there to pick up the pieces when Cal messes up. Blood is thicker than water after all.

Ethan Facts:

  • Ethan used to reluctantly use rock, paper, scissors with his brother to settle disputes. And more than often loses.
  • His childhood nickname is ‘Nibbles’ – something which Cal used to take great delight in calling him.
  • Ethan had a brief romance with Honey, Noel’s daughter.
  • Ethan found out that he has the incurable disease Huntington's after Cal tested him.

Acting Clinical Lead (2018)

Ethan became Acting Clinical Lead in 2018 following the temporary departure of Connie Beauchamp, the departments Clinical Lead. His first senior investigation was finding out who was making a blog about the hospital's emergency department. Alicia Munroe was the culprit, unfortunately it was very bad news for Ethan as he became very close to Alicia.

In April, Leigh Anne Carr was admitted after her waters had broke. Leigh Anne was very nervous about coming to the emergency department. This is because Scott Ellisson who was the baby's father who had died in July 2017 after Ethan Hardy had murdered him. Also Roy Ellison had died in the emergency department in July.

Following Connie Beauchamp's return in mid-2018, Ethan became Deputy Clinical Lead of the department, continuing also as a consultant.


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