"Episode Six" is the 1054th episode of Casualty and the sixth episode of the 32nd series. It was preceded by "Episode Five" and followed by "Episode Seven". The episode was directed by Paul Riordan and written by Oliver Frampton.


Connie tries to get to the bottom of her health problems, and while she waits for the results of a scan, she pours her attention into helping Ethan improve his teaching abilities. However, when the news finally arrives, it is not good. Meanwhile, Charlie and Josh face the unpleasant consequences of a heavy night out, but refuse to admit their partying days may be behind them, forcing Duffy to intervene. Plus, Elle is given cause to regret swearing off men when she realises she has great chemistry with a young patient's father.


  • During production, this episode's title was "Addicted to Love". However, when the decision was made not to have episode titles for the series, this name was scrapped.