"End of the Line - Part Two is the 402nd episode of Casualty and the second episode of the 18th series. It was preceded by "End of the Line - Part One" and followed by "Breathe Deeply". The episode was directed by Ian White and written by Danny McCahon.


Back at the site, the tunnel has collapsed, trapping Comfort and the school children. Several children and the teacher have died and Comfort struggles to reassure those who remain alive. Comfort manages to signal for help but the pressure gets to her when she fails to revive yet another child. Fin watched anxiously and eventually breaks through the debris to reach her. He manages to lead Comfort and the remaining children out of the wreck but Comfort is inconsolable. Back at the hospital, she lashes out at Father Frank.

Tess has been waiting for news of her fire chief husband, Mike, but is not reassured by his call confessing that, as a fire chief, he feels responsible for the death of his colleagues. She manages to talk him round but an official structural engineer implies Mike has been negligent.

Anna is still trapped under fellow passenger, Nelson. When he is removed, the extent of the damage to her legs is revealed. Though the team are reluctant to tell Anna how seriously injured she is injured, she knows they are holding back and persuades Charlie to tell her the truth. Merlin arrives at the site and pleads his way on to the carriage. But there is a growing urgency to remove Anna from the unstable wreckage and the rescue team must risk her legs in order to save her life.

American Paediatrician Jim Brodie turns up in the department, offering to help and make a big impression. Nobody is quite sure what to make of him but Nikki is impressed with his sensitivity in dealing with the vulnerable Paul.

When the mother of a survivor of the crash unfairly complains to the Press about her treatment at the hands of the hospital staff, Bex loses her cool. She gives the woman a piece of her mind unaware that the argument has been caught on camera. But the woman later apologises for her outburst and gives Bex a £10 contribution to start a disaster fund.

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